This sugar cookie ice cream recipe is made with sugar cookie pieces and frosting in a creamy vanilla ice cream made without an ice cream maker. Cream cheese is added to the no churn ice cream to balance the sweetness. Perfect for ice cream cones, birthdays and holidays!

Gather the ingredients

Using a hand-held mixer, beat the heavy cream on medium-high until stiff peaks form, about 4-5 minutes. Set aside.

Next, in a medium bowl, whip the cream cheese on medium speed until smooth. No need to wash the beaters in between!

Then add the sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract to the whipped cream cheese.

Next, with a spatula, fold in the sweetened condensed milk mixture in two additions. Be gentle as you don’t want to completely deflate the whipped cream.

Then gently fold in the sugar cookie pieces {save a small bit to sprinkle over the top of the finished ice cream} and small spoon size pieces of buttercream into the ice cream.

Spoon the ice cream into a loaf pan or freezer safe bowl and sprinkle with remaining cookie crumbles. Then cover and freeze until firm, about 4-6 hours.

The BEST No churn Sugar Cookie Ice Cream!  Grab the recipe and details via the link.  Enjoy!