Lime cookies are a citrus twist on Italian wedding cookies. The best no egg, shortbread-like cookie glazed with an easy lime icing. Perfect Easter or Christmas cookies or with your morning coffee.

Gather ingredients

Then using a mixer, cream together the butter and kosher salt and then add the confectioners' sugar/lime mixture and beat until light and fluffy.

Once the mixture is creamed together, add the flour and almond flour and mix until just combined.

After the flour and almond flour are added to the butter, sugar, lime mixture.

The mixture may be a little crumbly, but will form a ball if you squeeze some together with your hand.

Then divide the dough into approximately 1-inch balls {mine were 28g each} and place on the prepared baking pan.

Once the lime cookies are cool, dunk the top of each cookie in the glaze and allow the icing to harden.

The BEST Lime Cookies!  Grab the recipe and details via the link.  Enjoy!